Travel Altar: 8 Tips to Make Magic Portable

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For easy use while on the move, a travel altar uses lighter, more portable ritual items.

A travel altar is an enjoyable and rewarding project, especially with the most important travel day of the year.

You can add a touch of magic to your vacation by taking a few items from this list.

1. Pick a Fun Container for your Travel Altar

There are many options for keeping your ritual tools hidden from view if you haven’t yet gotten out of the broom cupboard. Simple drawstring bags work well.

Or, get creative! This adorable Ouija Board mint container is perfect for storing my travel altar items. The mints are also not bad.

2. Tea Lights Should be Packed

Tea lights are a great alternative to more cumbersome alternatives if you enjoy the ambience that candles create.

They are lightweight. They don’t require candle holders, unlike stick-style candles. They also contain their own drippings so they are neater and less likely get wax on your grandmother’s heirloom dresser.

3. Bring a Mini Tarot Deck

An impromptu reading of the Tarot can break up relationships with people that you only see once or twice per year.

For your convenience, many tarot decks are available in smaller formats for travel.

4. For your Next Trip, Make a Dream Pillow

Are you prone to tossing and turning when you aren’t in your bed?

To help you fall asleep peacefully, fill a drawstring bag full of lavender or chamomile herbs.

You can also try these heat activated spellsachets.

5.  Bring a Mini Chalice

Set aside a small amount of wine from the holiday table to be used in your night ritual.

The travel chalice is a unique addition to any private ritual that takes place away from home.

6. A Travel Pouch can be Hung on your Review Mirror

Travel spell bags encourage positive experiences and lessen anxiety.

These are the steps to create your own travel spell bag.

Place one on your travel altar to bless you journey with positive vibes

7. Some Peppermint Oil is also Recommended

You can reduce stress by using a few drops of peppermint oil (diluted) on your forehead or in your bathwater. It can also help with headaches. It makes everything smell like a candy bar.

Peppermint oil is a great essential oil to take on a trip.

8. Include a vile to Moon Water In Your Altar Set

Moon water is easy to make and an all-purpose spell ingredient.

It can be used as a perfume or on your wrists to soothe nerves after a long flight.

For easy, portable moon water use, a small corked bottle can be used or a vile.