Emmaus Health: Clinic specializes in providing medical

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Emmaus Health Clinic specializes in providing medical services, such as nutrition counselling, general medicine, occupational medicine, diabetes testing, and flu clinics. Company recognizes the importance of new technology and product introductions in the market. They strive to create new product portfolios to meet changing needs. In collaboration with other agencies, marketing departments have decided to launch a marketing campaign for the new product. The new health services are unique and different in that they are targeted at young, mobile customers who are more likely to follow fashion and trend. It is not easy to add a new product or service to an existing product line. This requires careful planning.

The new product could fail if it is not done correctly, which can lead to market share loss for the existing product. If done correctly, the new product can increase market share and promote sales of the existing product. This paper details the marketing methodologies; strategies adopted market research, business analysis and financial impacts imminent with the launch of the new services and products. SWOT ANALYSIS Strengths: The Emmaus health clinic continues to maintain a healthy and friendly relationship with its suppliers. Because of the size of its operation and the interdependence between them, this is possible. It is evident in its joint projects with suppliers to improve healthcare industry. The company has thousands of distributors worldwide and has a massive manufacturing capacity (Kennedy,2006).Emmaus health clinic is a strong brand name and maintains a strong brand portfolio in the healthcare industry. It has loyal customers from all parts of the globe.

Culture of continuous innovation based on Kaizen and Kanban. Emmaus health clinic is the market leader for health care services. With a market value of over $30 billion, Emmaus health clinic is the most valuable brand in the world. Emmaus Health Clinic Motors is a leader in the industry for its production and sales, thanks to its lean manufacturing processes.

Emmaus health clinic is a world leader in the production of safe, durable and environmentally friendly health products (Cohen, 2006).Weaknesses: Emmaus health clinic suffers large recalls that have over the years tarnished its brand image and significantly affected its sales. The Emmaus Health Clinic Company is not well-represented in emerging markets such as India and China which are two of the largest markets for health care products. It has limited market share in these markets and it is difficult to compete internationally with established firms in those countries. It is mostly present in Japan, the United States, and Europe (Kerin 2006).