Evergreen Travel Trailers: RV’s Sun Valley Travel Trailer

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Videos of Evergreen’s fifth-wheel and travel trailers will be available on the company’s YouTube channel as well as its website at Go Evergreen travel trailers. Over the next few weeks, the series of videos called “RV Review” will be available. The Sun Valley travel trailer is the first video in the series that will be posted online.

This entire series of videos provides a detailed look at the features, construction materials, and design practises of the company’s fifth-wheels and travel trailers. They are also known for their “Evergreen Travel Trailers Difference”. The RV Review series discusses the Evergreen travel caravans RV’s innovative ComposiTek(tm construction that is used in the Ever-Lite or Ascend travel vans as well as the industry-leading vacuum lamination process that is used to construct wall, floor and roof panels on all Evergreen RVs.

These videos allow viewers to see Evergreen’s DuraLite(tm), Double Welded Aluminium Structure in action. This construction method uses six-sided double-welded aluminum frames in the walls, roof and floors. It also includes header framing around any doors, windows and baggage openings.

The Evergreen Travel Trailers’

TPO roof construction and screwed-and-glued raised solid panel cabinetsry are also covered. Other standard features include the warrantied no crack padded vinyl flooring. The Sun Valley travel trailer’s lightweight construction and variety of floor plans is highlighted in the video. Sun Valley’s travel trailers feature a range of features that viewers will find interesting, including their deep slide rooms with gear driven slides and cherry-glazed cabinets.

Doug Lantz, Evergreen RV Vice President of Sales and marketing, said that the RV Review series videos give a hard-hitting, detailed look at our products and construction practices. “Consumers will get an inside look at how our fifth-wheels and travel trailers are constructed.”

High Tech Manufacturing Facilities

Evergreen isn’t a company that accepts being an RV manufacturer “me too”. They are innovators. They are innovators. This philosophy is evident in their entire product line. Lifestyle Luxury RV’s flagship RV is their fifth-wheel camper. It is built to the highest industry standards and has been widely acclaimed as the best fifth wheel you can buy for any price. Their Titan Structure Frame is the heart of this amazing RV. Although most fifth-wheel manufacturers purchase I-beam-based frames from Lippert Components, Inc., Evergreen trailers make their own frames in house. They use double-stacked boxes steel tubes instead of I-beams. This construction gives fifth-wheel trailers a level that is unmatched in rigidity. Lifestyle fifth wheels can be built with full wall slides. This ensures that they perform as intended and require minimal maintenance. This rigidity means that there are far fewer problems in all their systems. A Lifestyle RV can be yours for as low as $100,000. Although there are better fifth wheels, they are generally more expensive than the ones we have.