Hotel Hacks “Travel Inn” Pros Use All the Time

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Amazing Hotel Tips Travel Inn

What’s it like to work for Travel inn? Great question. These are the weekly road warriors. These are the people who travel inning for work and fly out Monday through Friday. They are the grinders. They are the grinders. These are the people you need to pay attention to, as they know how to Travel Inn!

Business Travel Inner spends many nights in hotel rooms across multiple time zones. Each morning, they drink a mediocre cup of coffee in the hotel room as they race to meet their next customer.

The best business Travel inn professionals know how to maximize their hotel experience. They can simply look at the pictures to determine the best place. They don’t waste money or time on unnecessary things, such as a costly hotel breakfast. They almost always get upgraded into a better room, and they often earn more bonus points than you. You should listen to them occasionally!

Hotel Hacks to Pick a Hotel

These are some useful tips and tricks for booking a hotel. Stay with one Travel inn Hotel Brand You will be Travel inn so you may as well earn some points and privileges. This may be complicated depending on your company’s policies, but try to stay with one Hotel brand.

This is a faster way to accumulate points status. Hilton properties are where I stay 95% of the time. Hilton members with higher tiers receive a range of privileges, including complimentary breakfast, room upgrades, access the executive lounge, bonus point, snacks, and other benefits. Marriott has a similar program as do most hotel chains.

You can be sure that any Travel Inn problems you may have will be quickly resolved if you reach their highest status! This is the most important Hotel Hack: Consistency!

You can maximize your points with a Credit Card

If you travel for work, your company will likely reimburse you for your expenses. If they don’t, quit and find another place. Use your personal credit card to start earning points if you are able.

You might find it easier to use a separate card for this purpose so that you can keep track of your spending. The Delta Amex and Southwest Chase Card are my favorites. To maximize my points, I use my cards for personal expenses such as the water bill.

These points add up quickly and can be used to earn cash back or free vacations

My family and I went on a week-long vacation to Hawaii. We were a 5 person family. The only things I had to pay was for 2 rental cars days, food and entertainment. We were upgraded to a SWEET Suite.

Pro tip: Only the most savvy Travel insiders are able to use points and reward programs effectively. You can earn hotel reward points by using the right credit card at just the right time. Combine that with maximising your hotel rewards program (and any other incentives) and you have a triple bonus!

Before you make a booking, always check out the surroundings of the hotel

Once, I stayed in a Hilton near train tracks. I nearly lost my chance to attend the birth of my fourth child because they gave out earplugs. Take a look at Google Maps to find out what’s in your area. You must ensure it is safe.

For those early morning flights home, stay close to the airport Travel Inn

Take the pre-coffee hike in the morning and get a few more minutes of sleep. It is not unusual for me to change hotels on the last night of my trip in order to ease my morning grind.