These tips will show you how to decorate a round coffee table

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It’s more than just choosing the right accent pieces for a round coffee table. To create an attractive set-up, it’s important that you consider the placement of your focal point, color, and other factors. At Wicker Warehouse you will find the best selection in Wicker Coffee Tables that is perfect for your office, home or outdoor space. These are key tips to help you decorate a stylish and elegant coffee table.

1. Make a grand statement

You have a larger living space? A grand statement piece can make your decor more proportional and add height to your coffee table. A large bouquet will fill a larger round table, and it will not feel overwhelming. Bonus: You can change the arrangement of your flowers based on seasons, special occasions or your mood. You can also change the vase!

2. Group pieces with a purpose

You can avoid a messy placement by grouping accent pieces according to a specific purpose. When styling your living room, think about how they will work together. Consider putting similar items together in a small group, leaving space between them. Your figurines and other knick-knacks should be grouped together. If you have a lot of books, it will make the space look more organized and less chaotic. To avoid your decor falling too close to the coffee table’s edge or resting too heavily in the wicker middle, keep it a triangle shape.

3. Coordination of Colors with the Rest Of the Room

The subtle use of color coordination is a simple but effective way to bring a room together. To create a cohesive aesthetic, use colors and materials that are similar to the wall, flooring and seating. The green of this plant is a great match for the soft pastel green throw pillows. We also love the way the wooden bowl stacks on the gray and black books.

4. Choose Your Focal Point

Although it is important to have more than one accent piece for your coffee table, a focal point piece can also be very important. The focal point piece should be a taller or larger piece. You can choose a large sculptural piece, a vase, or a bouquet to be your focal point. It doesn’t need to be large or dramatic. As long as it is larger than other pieces on your table it will serve as “main” decor.

5. Three is a magic number

It doesn’t take too much to decorate a coffee table. This is how we ensure that our coffee table has enough decor without taking up too much space. This rule of three is also compatible with the triangle shape you should create with your accent items. Keep your decor number to three and you can create a triangle shape that looks best on round tables. Each piece of accent is a point in the triangle which will keep you from adding too many.

6. Do not neglect a bottom shelf

Do not ignore a lower shelf on your round coffee table! You can add decor to the lower shelf if you don’t have enough space. Sometimes you have more than three pieces that you love and need to display them. This is where the bottom storage area comes in handy. This space can be used to decorate with shorter, wider pieces such as coffee table books and decorative bowls. For a quick way to change up your style, rotate your pieces from the top to the bottom.

7. Stacking can increase height

It is easier to see your decor at different heights by creating different levels. You can create different levels by using coffee table books to hold your other pieces, especially your focal point. If your table is small, stacking can be a great way of adding another element to your styling.

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