Bajaj Allianz Vs Acko Car Insurance

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Bajaj Allianz car insurance and Acko car insuring are two of the most well-known car insurance companies. They have been in the business for more than a decade and offer many products. Because they offer similar services in terms of cost and coverage, their services have been compared.

Bajaj Allianz Car Insurance and Acko Car Insurance offer a variety of coverage options and a dedicated customer support team. They also have an easy claim process. These two insurance companies are great choices if you’re looking to find insurance that suits your budget and needs.

This article will highlight the main differences between these companies as well as their pricing structures and features to help you decide which one is best for you. It’s up to you to decide if it is their service or the target customers that is better.

Bajaj Allianz Car Insurance:

Bajaj Allianz Car Insurance, India’s leading auto insurance provider, is Bajaj Allianz Car Insurance. It provides affordable insurance plans and has been providing the same services for over 80 years. Bajaj Allianz Team can help you navigate the process of getting your car insurance.

This policy covers damage to property and life of others, other than your own, that is caused by an accident in which your car becomes involved. Comprehensive Car Insurance is the other type of insurance most commonly used. Comprehensive Car Insurance helps you to cover most of the potential liabilities that could be incurred if your vehicle is damaged by social unrest, natural disasters, or stolen.


  • Zero Depreciation
  • Protect your engine
  • Consumable expenses
  • 24×7 Spot Assistance
  • Replacing keys and locks
  • Personal Baggage

Conveyance benefits

  • Different types of policies
  • Third Party Car Insurance
  • Comprehensive Car Insurance
  • Standalone Car Insurance for Damage

What are the coverages?

  • Insurance coverage for your own damages
  • Third-Party Liability
  • Personal Accidents
  • Additional convenience
  • Additional benefits available with add-ons
  • Natural calamities can cause loss
  • Man-made disasters can cause loss
  • Personal accident cover.

Acko Car Insurance

Acko General Insurance believes that car insurance can be a simple and effective way of protecting your vehicle from unforeseeable risks like thefts, fires, natural disasters, and third-party liability.

The insurance company offers two types car insurance policies to protect your vehicle from damages or losses. Comprehensive and third-party policies are both available. Both policies can be purchased at affordable premium rates.

Acko Car insurance is affordable, compliant with the law, hassle-free, with ACKO’s online policy for car insurance. Keep your car safe with Car insurance. It is an easy and cost-effective way to protect it from unforeseeable risks like thefts, fires, natural disasters, and third-party liability. Driving a car in India is a requirement that you have valid third-party insurance. To protect yourself from the financial loss that can be caused by road accidents, you need good car insurance.


  • Zero depreciation cover
  • Coverage for key replacement
  • Consumables cover
  • Protection from No Claim Bonus (NCB).

Passenger personal accident coverage

  • Roadside assistance coverage
  • Emergency cover for outstations
  • Engine protection coverage
  • Retour to invoice coverage

Different types of policies

  • Third-party car insurance
  • Commercial car insurance
  • Car insurance for damage to your vehicle
  • Comprehensive car insurance
  • Basic zero depreciation car insurance
  • Personal accident cover.

What are the coverages?

  • Accidents and damage caused by an accident
  • Fire is damage to your vehicle caused by self-ignition or explosion.
  • Theft If your car is stolen.
  • Calamities Calamities Natural as well as man-made calamities like earthquakes, riots and others.
  • Third-Party Losses: Covers damage to third parties or property.
  • Car Owner covers damage to the insured’s vehicle and the insured.

Comparison of Bajaj Allianz Car Insurance and Acko Car Insurance

We have explained the differences between Acko Car Insurance and Bajaj Allianz Car Insurance. Comparisons will be made based on many factors, including claims, customer service and policy cost.

They do have some key differences that make them different. This article will help to decide which insurance company you should choose. It will explain the pros and cons of each policy and compare them with one another.

Bajaj Allianz Car Insurance


  • Zero depreciation cover available
  • In 3 minutes, get your car insurance
  • Cashless claim facility
  • Claim process completed in 20 minutes

In the event that cashless facilities are unavailable, policyholders can receive 75% off their account payments.

A dedicated telephonic service is available 24/7 on holidays to assist with claims settlement or any other issue.

Towing is available in case of an accident that causes damage to your car.

The policyholders have the option to receive high-standard service and their vehicles inspected in selected workshops.


  • Discount for voluntary excess
  • Anti-theft device installation discount
  • Online Policy buying/Renewal, voluntary Excess Discount
  • 24×7 Support
  • Policyholders can transfer up to 50% of their No Claim Bonus from previous car insurers
  • This company is well-known for its ability to settle claims in record time.
  • This company offers many policies for each consumer.


  • Online policy renewal and issuance
  • 24×7 spot assistance available
  • Auto-vehicle survey with Motor-on the-spot. Instant claim settlement.
  • Acko Car Insurance


  • You can get up to 50% off with no claim bonus
  • You can customize your policy by adding optional add-ons. You can choose from a variety of smart rider options that are available at an additional premium.
  • Different car insurance products can be tailored to meet the needs of policyholders.
  • Settlement of cashless claims in more than 1,300+ cashless garages
  • Third-party Damage covers damage to third party property/vehicle, and injury that results from an accident.
  • Any damage or loss that results from an accident with another vehicle, animal or thing, such as a building, pillar, etc.
  • All damage or loss that is caused by bad weather conditions, natural calamities or other factors are also covered
  • All damage or loss caused by an external explosion or fire are also covered.


  • You can access a large network of cashless garages.
  • For any questions regarding the policy or intimation of a case, you can call 1800-123-4003 for guaranteed 24*7 customer service.
  • Within 7 working days of receipt of all documents, decision on claims approval.
  • 1-hour pickup in the area you choose, immediate repairs and delivery to your doorstep within 3 days at no additional cost.


  • Digital process results in low premiums and no commissions
  • Exclusive plans you won’t find elsewhere
  • Excellent claims service. ACKO handles all claims-related repairs. ACKO can pick up and drop off your vehicle at your door. Most claims are settled within three days.

IRDAI has licensed Acko General Insurance.

  • Instant policy delivery by Acko Car Insurance No paperwork required.
  • These are the factors to consider before you go to Bajaj Allianz Car Insurance, or Acko Car Insurance.
  • Your coverage is the first thing you should think about. Consider how you would like to be covered in an emergency.
  • Your driving record is the second thing you should consider. It is important to check if your driving record has been clean or if there have been any accidents.
  • Third, you should consider the expiration date on your current insurance policy. This is important if switching policies. Before you switch to another policy, make sure that your current coverage is valid.