Man sentenced to 40 years for “Craigslist Tampa”

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Craigslist TAMPA -Dontae John, the young man who was convicted by a jury of shooting and killing a father during a 2017 dirt bike sale, was sentenced to 40 years imprisonment.

Johnson was just 17 at the time of the crime. Although the prosecutors wanted Johnson to spend life in prison, the state juvenile sentencing laws required that a judge consider Johnson’s youth and other factors before imposing the sentence. A mandatory minimum sentence of 40 years is imposed. The promise of a review after 25 years also comes with it.

Samantha Ward, Hillsborough Circuit Judge, stated that “this is an impossible situation.” “It’s not necessary to be in such a position. It is unlikely that any family will ever be the same. “For a dirt bike.

Johnson, now 22 years old, wept through Friday’s lengthy hearing, during which his family members and friends raised doubts about Johnson’s guilt in the assassination of James Beck, 44.

His personality was that of an introvert. He liked football, but was not aggressive. He had to change schools to avoid being bullied. He had attended special education classes and was diagnosed by doctors as having an intellectual disability.

Beck’s family found the idea of having lingering doubts offensive. Johnson was a murderer, as Johnson had been convicted by the jury.

Judy Quinones, Beck’s mother, said that her son’s family was all gone because of a teenager who brought a gun to a sales. “My son has died. That’s what I’m going back to over and again. My son is dead.”

The crime took place on January 31, 2017. Stuart, Beck’s 15-year-old son, posted a Kawasaki dirtbike for sale on Craigslist. He exchanged text messages, emails, and phone calls with a potential buyer on Craigslist TAMPA. He agreed to deliver the bike at $1,200.

The father and son drove the 50-minute journey from their Holiday home to east Craigslist TAMPA. They had the bike strapped in their pickup’s bed. Stuart Beck stated that they met two tall men at the corner of 18th Street & E 24th Avenue.

The man was short and asked for a test drive. James Beck wanted to first see the money. According to court testimony, the tall man pulled out several $1 bills and a stack of cash. James Beck examined it and returned it to him, saying it was the wrong amount.

Stuart Beck testified that the tall man pulled out a gun and demanded their cell phones. He was told by his father to get back into the truck and then moved towards the driver’s seat. There was then gunfire.

  • The shooter fled. The second man got into the truck bed and hopped on his bike before driving off.
  • Stuart Beck dialed 911 in a panic. His father died of multiple gunshot wounds after being taken to hospital.
  • Later, police linked the number Stuart Beck called and sent to Ramontrae William. Williams was later identified by the son as the shorter man.

Williams initially denied that he was involved, but later admitted that he had stolen the bike. Johnson was identified as the shooter. Stuart Beck was shown a photo lineup, and identified Johnson as the taller man that shot his father.

Williams pleaded guilty and was sentenced to 12 years in prison

  • Judge Ward pointed out that Johnson was convicted for being the shooter but he wasn’t the one who planned it.
  • She also stated that she did not trust Williams’ testimony during the trial.
  • She stated that Williams’ 12-year sentence was “disproportionate” and she agreed.

Defense attorneys raised concerns early in the case about Johnson’s ability to stand trial for an intellectual disability. Johnson spent some time in a state hospital. Further delays were caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, which put on hold jury trials and other court proceedings.

Johnson’s family recalled his childhood in Craigslist TAMPA housing communities. He was one of seven siblings. He was 15 when his father died. Although he stood more than 6 feet tall, his family claimed that he was shy and unjustly judged by his size.

Rahlawn Johnson, his mother, said that she did not regret what happened to James Beck. “But that wasn’t my son.”

Blake High School was where he was targeted and threatened because he came from the wrong area. His mother transferred him from Blake High School to Plant High School. He was a football lineman.

Misty Winter, the head of the football program, liked him. She said that coaches would often get frustrated by him because he was hesitant to use his strength and size on the field. Johnson was always there to help when other players were fighting or disagreeing.

Lee Winter, Winter’s husband, invited Johnson to their home for dinner. Johnson became a surrogate child, living at the home of his parents and appearing in family photos.

Winter stated in court that “I know someone needs to pay.” “But I know Dontae didn’t pull that trigger.”

She spoke about what Johnson had said to her about the crime, and what she learned from talking with neighbors around the crime scene. She said that he didn’t even have a gun.

Beck’s family spoke out about the man that they lost

James Beck was the father of three. When they were in high school, he met Suzanne. He loved fishing and the water so he bought a house on a riverside cul de sac, which had access to the Gulf of Mexico.

Suzanne Beck stated, “I feel like Cinderella and that he saved me.” “He was my prince, and I would be lost without him. And so would many other people.”

The family said that they have struggled to sustain a stable lifestyle since his death. Stuart Beck, now 20 years old, spoke out about anxiety, depression, and post-traumatic stress following the death of his father.

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