For your next Trip “Jewelry Travel Rolls”

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We’ve collected the top Jewelry travel rolls cases, from sleek leather to hardshell bags and cute pouches. While we all love to travel, it’s hard to find someone who really enjoys unpacking and packing. Untangling a necklace from a large, silver-and-gold ball is one of the most frustrating things you can do while getting ready to go to dinner. A chic accessory case will help you keep your precious gems organized and safely stored in your luggage.

These  are similar to cosmetic pouches, but they have separate bars for earrings and rings. The majority of the cases are lined with fabric such as suede or velvet, which protects accessories from scratches and makes them shiny and clean.

A small roll is best for weekend travelers. It will hold enough to carry a few of your precious items. We recommend a travel-friendly, padded Jewelry travel roll box. One we found had a mirror inside, and ample storage.

Gentlemen, we are thinking of you. Scroll down to the end to find cases and rolls that will fit your watches, and a few pairs cufflinks.

Misslo Hanging Organizer

This elegant hanging jewelry travel rolls organizer holds enough storage to store all your accessories and beauty products for a weekend on the beach.

Vlando Viaggio Small Case

This small jewelry travel rolls case is perfect for quick weekend trips. It can be carried in your bag or backpack. The case is easy to roll up and closes with the snap button. It also has three compartments of equal size.

Bagsmart Travel Jewelry Travel Roll Organizer

Bagsmart’s electronic organizer is very popular on Amazon. The brand’s jewelry travel roll case is also extremely popular. If you don’t travel as often, you can also get a smaller version at for $19.

DecoreBay Unisex Watches, Sunglasses and Cufflinks

Gentlemen, do not risk losing your cufflinks and scratching your watches when you travel. This stylish case is big enough to hold all your items.

Vera Bradley Iconic Jewelry travel rolls Train Case

The bold Jewelry travel roll train case features two large main compartments, multiple zip pockets and pouches to keep your jewelry organized and tangle free. Two rows are specifically designed to hold earrings.