The reason you might have trouble Getting Insurance?

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Insurers have the final say on whether or not they offer insurance. There may be reasons why an insurer won’t cover you or charge you more than others. This page will explain why and what to do if you are having trouble getting insurance.

The terms and conditions under which insurance coverage is offered or denied are determined by the insurers. If you have a complicated medical history, are older or have criminal convictions, it may be difficult to get insurance. If your property has been damaged in the past, or there are a history flooding in your area, you may have trouble getting shape flood insurance.

In order to determine whether you are a risk, an trouble Getting Insurance might want to know more about you.

There may be special needs. You might be involved in dangerous activities or sports and your general insurance policy won’t cover it.

It is possible that you have been discriminated against. In certain cases, however, insurers can discriminate against you. Travel insurers might getting professional swedish charge more for older people, while motor insurance may charge more for younger people.

How to find insurance if you are having trouble finding it

A broker can help you find the right insurance company for you if you have difficulty finding it. The British Insurance Brokers Association offers a service called “Find-a-Broker” that can connect you with specialist insurers.

A charity or organization that assists people with their particular needs could be contacted. They may have a list or brokers that can help you find insurance.

Contact BIBA and the National Flood Forum for independent advice about how to get flood insurance in high-risk areas.

The Department of Environment Food and Rural Affairs has published a guide called ‘Obtaining Flood Insurance in High Risk Areas’. This guide provides useful information to help you get a policy that is right for you.

It provides information on how to access specialist help, what information you might be asked for, tips about how to reduce flooding effects and contact details for key organizations.

Floodre is a program that helps people who are struggling to find insurance. Floodre is a UK-wide program that helps homeowners at high risk getting financing for franchises of flooding to get affordable insurance.

Insurance and Discrimination

Based on your risk, insurance companies decide whether or not to offer you insurance. This may allow them to discriminate against certain people, such as allowing them to refuse to offer you insurance or charge you more than others. Learn more about when and why insurers can discriminate against you.