Review of “Otto Insurance” Is it a Scam or Real?

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Gather information from over 1000 insurance agents and affiliates. It is actually a leading auto insurance referral site that allows users to request quotes quickly from reputable local cat insurers. Otto insurance does not receive positive feedback. Many people wonder if legit or a scam.

It is not possible to prove that Otto’s insurance scam. Otto insurance isn’t a car company. You can see Otto insurance’s Terms of Service page to learn that Otto does not offer insurance. It is basically a referral agency that refers you to an company. Insurance collects customer information and matches it to any insurance.

What is Otto Insurance?

Otto insurance is an company that collects information about car owners and educates them about auto insurance. Strives to give car owners the best information possible and make it easy for them to find the right advice or help. Content marketing is the core of Otto insurance. You will find thousands upon thousands of articles on Otto’s website about everything from finding cheap car group insurance to what coverage options you have.

It makes use of social media to attract partners and customers. Otto insurance was started by Millennials who recognized the weaknesses in the current system. The founders have been using the most recent technology to improve the way things work. To monitor conversations online about cars, it uses social listening software such as Radian6 or Hootsuite. Otto insurance is attempting to reach its goal by podcasting about storytelling, connecting with people through relatable tales.

How does Otto Insurance work?

Connects you with an agent who suits your needs. Next, you’ll be asked a few questions about yourself, your car, and your home. This information will help Otto find the best rates. Otto will also ask about your cars. To find the best company, make sure you answer all questions correctly. Otto will then ask you if you would like to combine auto and home insurance tips. In just a few minutes you can find the best auto insurance. To submit your request for a quote, click the “Get Your Free Estimate” button. An Otto agent will then contact you to provide two quotes from insurance policy companies.

Review & Recommendations for Otto

Below are some reviews and recommendations.

  • Kaity Nichole Said

“Jesus Christ. I was simply curious about prices. Between now and when auto was installed, I received 10+ calls. Literally, it was only 30 minutes ago. This service is a fraud and will continue to bog you down with an endless stream of underqualified sales representatives. This is honestly the most irritating site I’ve ever interacted with Benjamin Michael Foster Said “These people are rude and will hang up on your phone if you don’t like their opinions.”

  • Katrina Siverts Said

“I agree with all of the posts. Terrible service. It’s absurd that I keep getting so many phone calls. What can they do to improve their service? Stop misleading customers about your service. It is a fraud. They simply send your number to all local companies. They then keep calling and calling and calling. “Horrible service!”