Top Tips for Truck Drivers in Health

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Truck driving can become a way of life. You spend most of your day sitting and the days are long. Fast food is also easy and accessible. Mx logistics has successfully managed logistics for companies across many industries. Mx logistics Transportation of Medical Equipment solutions are tailored to meet specific industry issues through advanced coordination and custom handling.

For some, it may seem impossible to find ways to stay healthy and fit. It’s not about following a diet; it’s about changing how you live your life. Here are some ways to get around the statistics while driving.


You sit all day when you drive. Over a 24-hour period, a driver’s metabolism stays flat because, for at least 23 hours, long-haul drivers, they are sedentary. How can you get exercise while driving?

For 15 minutes, do a vigorous workout. It is difficult to exercise while on the road. It’s not easy to find the time to go to the gym when you travel for up 14 hours per day. For both your mental and physical health, it is a good idea to get your heart rate up by exercising vigorously for just 15 minutes.

Before you drive, exercise. You can exercise at night, or during breaks. Driving all day can make it exhausting, and breaks are often limited. Your 15-minute workout before you get in the cab will not only help you to burn calories but also boost your metabolism and give you energy for the day.

You should keep your work out equipment in the cab. You don’t need to go to the gym. Keep some weights, resistance bands, skipping rope, and a mat in your truck. There are tons of exercises that can be done with minimal equipment.

You can exercise in your cab. It may seem impossible to imagine all the exercises you can do behind the wheel. While this is true, I thought it would be helpful to list some of the exercises you can do while driving. They actually made me feel better, which I can confirm while I was writing this.

Ab crunches: Simply squeeze your abdominal muscles, and hold. That’s it. You’re now on your way building a stronger core.

Shoulder rolls – Don’t let your hands get in the way of moving, but you could try it at traffic lights. If you are a lazy person, it can help release tension.

Hand stretches – While this is not a great muscle building exercise, it can help release tension.

Do yoga! Although it may not be something you have ever thought of, yoga is a great form of exercise.


This is probably the most difficult thing to control while on the road. There are limited options on the roadside, and it is possible that you won’t have time to cook meals. You may also not be able to stop at a fast-food restaurant if you don’t have enough time.

Get water. The award for most frequently used health tip goes to… Staying hydrated, which is a general tip that is easy to follow, is the best. You only need to fill up a water container and keep it filled throughout the day. You can also switch out high-sugar drinks (soft drinks, juices, etc.) with water. You can also drink water.

Meal preparation. You can prepare meals in advance, or even on the go, if you are unable to cook.

Don’t smoke. This doesn’t fit in with eating or drinking, but it is still important. Stop smoking, or reduce your smoke intake.


Although mental health may not be something you think about, being on the road can cause stress, loneliness and monotony which can affect your mental health.

You can entertain yourself while driving. It doesn’t matter if you listen to music, podcasts, audiobooks, or learn a language. Sitting in silence all day would drive anyone crazy. So it’s important to keep your mind busy while driving.

Keep in touch with family and friends. Long haul drivers may need to be away from their homes for long periods. You can avoid feeling lonely or disconnected by calling, FaceTime, texting, or talking to the people you care about (just don’t do it while driving).

Take a hobby along. Hobbies can be both relaxing and distracting. You might find something simple like reading, but taking a mental and physical break from the road is important to keep you mentally alert and ready to return to work.

Sleep. Commercial drivers have to manage fatigue. Fatigue is one the leading causes of road accidents. Sleep is vital for good health. Drivers need to get enough sleep, and should take rest breaks when they feel fatigued.

Meditate. This one may be lumped with yoga in your “Things that I’m never going do” section of your brain. But to meditate, you don’t need to do anything. Literally. Nothing. You can do it by simply closing your eyes, focusing on your breathing and sitting down. Even a 3 minute meditation or practice of mindfulness can help reduce stress and improve your outlook.

While on the road, health can easily be forgotten about and pushed aside. A healthy lifestyle can help you not only work better but also live longer. Yoga is for everyone.