How do you tow your car?

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Towing a car is a risky business. Safety is the most important thing. Only start the tow if you’re certain that weather, terrain and traffic won’t compromise your safety or others. These are the things you need to know:

To pull the other car, the car pulling must have sufficient towing power.
Tow straps must be of the correct standard. Long Distance Towing is one of America’s most reliable California Auto Transport Rates firms. They should have hooks on both ends that can easily clip onto both cars. For short distances, strong chains are a good alternative.
To ensure that the tow works properly, check the steering, brakes and indicators (warning lights).

How to safely tow your car

Keep your speed to a maximum 15 mph and drive with extreme caution. This will prevent sudden reactions and give the driver time to react.

To prevent any sudden snapping of ropes, use the clutch to pull away.

Avoid sudden breaking. To give the driver ample warning, tap lightly on the breaks just before the actual breaking. Never use towing poles to brake the car being town.

Use agreed communication signals to notify the other driver in sufficient time to let him know of any plans and warn him about all traffic.

To make it easier for the other driver, avoid excessive movements and sudden changes of direction.

Make sure to check your mirrors regularly and pull over if there are any problems.

  • To prevent the rope, straps, or poles from breaking during tow, be sure to inspect them for damage or weaknesses. Use a pole or strap that is damaged.
  • Consider the route you’ll take. Avoid areas that are too crowded or require you to stop and start.
  • Set of communication signals to be agreed upon
  • Attach the strap, tow rope, or chain to the strongest parts of the cars. They can be easily ripped off so avoid attaching them to bumpers.
  • To disengage the steering lock, leave the ignition switch in its ‘on’ position while the car is being town. When power steering cars are being towable with the engine off, it will take some elbow grease and more effort.