Google Earth and CAD Applications: How to Use It

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Written By LoydMartin

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Tools that allow you to import data and images from real-life locations directly into CAD workspaces have been developed in response to the need to create dynamic, hyper-realistic models and architectural plans. You are likely to have heard of bitmap features such as the GPS2CAD and Google Earth. This will help you achieve this.

Google Earth and CAD Enhancing Project Administration

Project managers generally have tools that are geared toward planning, running, and executing projects. Computer-aided-design software, along with knowledge of the topology and geography of the construction site is important for planning construction projects. It should be obvious that CAD will be used for creating the necessary drafts to execute the construction project. However, even the most advanced CAD apps can have their limitations.

Google Earth Integration in Your CAD Presentations

Presentations are used extensively in the real estate, landscaping, and architectural industries. They can be used to raise funds, sell products or services, and disseminate data. The best presentations use precise facts, figures, and realism to convey the message to the audience. Anyone who has sold building plans/ideas or been the recipient of a time-share presentation knows how important it is for a presentation to show real-world implementation to avoid confusion.

Google Earth integration is also a great option. You can add images from specific locations and their coordinates to your inventor CAD app to give your presentation that extra bit of authenticity. This will allow you to take your audience to the spot you want to highlight. This makes it easier to highlight the benefits of the property or the location you want to show.

Animations: Adding perspective

Google Earth can be used by animators to create photo-realistic renderings from real-life locations. Simply integrate Google Earth into your modeling software (Maya, SolidWorks, etc.). Once you have done this, you can take images at a selected location and then import them to your computer.

Google Earth, CAD and Architectural Projects

It is unlike any other bidding process that architects have to go through when they are pursuing public works contracts in Europe. The reason is that you must submit a request for proposals (RFP), which ensures that you are familiar with local issues and that your bid considers them. The EU Council made it possible for all European firms to participate in the bidding process. However, understanding the local geography and topography will increase your chances of winning design contracts. Google Earth can help you to draft ideas for your RFP.


The world is becoming more connected. Having the right tools will give you an advantage over your competitors. Integrating Google Earth into your CAD projects will help you stay competitive in today’s highly competitive world.