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We created the e-stroller Cybex travel systems

Cybex travel systems has been recognized worldwide as a leader in the field parenting products. It was therefore natural that we would one day explore the new frontiers of tech. The ePRIAM is the outcome. But why did we choose an estroller to be our first venture into this field?

Power: An essential commodity for parents. Although power may seem abstract and intangible, it is a valuable resource. It can take many forms such as the energy required to get out of bed at night to change a diaper or soothe your baby. The many new challenges that early parenthood presents can further drain already depleted energy, particularly in the first few months after birth.

Freedom is another form of power. A trip to the grocery store, once simple, can quickly become a frustrating obstacle course. Parents must be vigilant for potholes and curbs. Parents must take their baby along with them, as well as diapers, baby food, and other necessities. This can severely limit their mobility. Parents can feel overwhelmed by the idea of going outside and may even become isolated.

Cybex travel systems has created an innovative 

Solution to this power imbalance with their first e-stroller. The e-PRIAM’s motorized support responds immediately to changing needs of parents, taking away the hassle of daily travel with children. Parents not only save energy but also have the freedom to travel further and faster with less stress.

The Cybex travel systems D.S.F. feature empowerment as a central theme Innovation Principle. Our beautiful Design empowers parents to live fashionable lives. Our award-winning Safety features empower parents to ensure the safety of their children. They can also take advantage of our Functionality features to save more energy and have more freedom. When it came to choosing a tagline, it was easy to draw inspiration from our fundamental goal: Empowering Parents.


Cybex travel systems decided to develop an e-stroller. It was important that we listened to our customers and not create a flashy gadget with no purpose or use. According to recent research into the attitudes of millennials towards technology, our customers seem to share our priorities.

The millennial generation, a group that has been in the news a lot lately, is growing up. They are settling down, getting married, and starting families. They need support. They are in a world of economic uncertainty and don’t have the support of their grandparents. It is only natural that the most connected age group will turn to technology and information systems to find solutions.